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NO (Free to use) :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 0 0 Blue Wolf Adopt OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 4 0 Plusheen Puppers 2 8/8 OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 4 1 Plusheen Puppers #1 8/8 OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 0 Offer Anything 7/7 OPEN #2 :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 3 7 Offer Anything 7/7 OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 4 10 Wolf Pup Adopt 3 - OTA OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 2 0 Wolf Pup Adopt 2 - OTA OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 0 Wolf Pup Adopt 1 OTA OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 1 Wolf Girl Adopt 1 - OTA OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 1 Wolf Pup Adopts 1 3/6 - OTA OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 3 6 Ice Dragon Adopts 2 5/5 OPEN OTA :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 0 Shocker ADOPT OPEN OTA :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 0 Ice Dragon Adopts 5/5 OPEN :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 0 Noxxus bouncing :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 2 2 Toxic Ponies OTA OPEN 4/5 :iconinfinitum--nihil:Infinitum--Nihil 1 3
My Oc is MINE by A-M4-COM anti comparison stamp by Sythgara

Slytherin stamp by austheke Slytherin Stamp by TigerBun

Stamp: I don't tolerate TOS Violators by Username-91
I WILL report if I have the sufficient evidence to do so.

Particularly with art theft/copyright violations, pornography, trolling, spamming, blackmailing etc., I am an "art theft hunter" on this site.

Even if you block me, mark my comment as spam, write an entry about me for telling you to obey the rules, it will not stop me from reporting anything that breaks the rules in your gallery. I can still view your gallery and even your page if I am blocked. The block system only prevents me from talking to you, or you from talking to me (it is mutual; block me and the system blocks you back to prevent misuse/blackmail). You got caught for violating the rules, you face the consequences for violating them. Case dismissed.

So yes, not even I am above the rules. Nobody is, even if you are outside the US.

However, no matter what your excuse is, I will not tolerate it. I will just report without even talking to you, as I have been fed up with the numerous excuses and bad attitudes from rule-breakers.
I have been labeled a “hater” “idiot” “a coward” and a “troll,” just for advising people to follow the rules.

Really Really Sweet by azianwolfdoll Scootaloo + Applebloom Stamp by Heart-Stamp

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Infinitum--Nihil has started a donation pool!
255 / 2,396


:iconlapointsplz: Nox Points Please V. 1 by Infinitum--Nihil

Any and all points are appreciated! Any little bit helps!

I'd love to buy some great adopts here! Everyone who donates will receive some kind of art!!

I use points for adopts here, so if you donate, there's a good chance I may end up adopting a character from you!! XD



Goal is 2,396 :points: for a premium membership for { Werewolf-Pirate and/or Captain-Red-Feather } so I can help other wonderful artists grow easier by featuring them in weekly or daily journals etc!

Every SINGLE point helps!

My goal is to get a 12 month so donate so I can help support other artists!

ALL Donators WILL get featured!!! Unless requested otherwise!

Thanks for donating!


WANNA BE FEATURED HERE? {Suggested donations}
20 points- 1 week
35 points- 2 weeks
50 points- 1 month
130 points- 3 months
200 points- 6 months
350 points- 1 year
600 points + - forever


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Infinitum--Nihil's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello, all! It's me, Artisan Noteworthy! (Probably better known as Werewolf-Pirate )

I have set up this account, originally to house my . . .*ahem* 'other' stories, but since I've been posting them on my main account anyway, I figured I'd use it as my Adoptable account!!

Most of my adopts will be transferred here to keep my main account 'clean' and free of the adopt clutter. ^^

My Oc is MINE by A-M4-COM anti comparison stamp by Sythgara
I Love Slytherin by NaruNaruGirl Slytherin Pride by witchtopia

50x50 Mystic by Infinitum--Nihil Differnt Teams, Still Friends by Infinitum--Nihil

Request: Sith Stamp by chocolate-scone

If you like the characters or art, feel free to watch my main account! </b>

Other accounts, other places to find me:
Main DA page: :iconwerewolf-pirate:
Adoptable Account: :iconinfinitum--nihil:
Story Accounts: Captain-Red-Feather | Ras723
Puppetry account: TheMadFuzz |

Groups I own / Run:
:iconclub-nauga: | :iconspecies-realm: | :iconmonrosalee-fans: | :iconguardian-wolves: | :icongrimmopedia:

Twitter: @ ArtisanAtson

These are the rules for all of my adoptables, please don't break any of them - they are very simple to follow!
If you're unsure of anything, just ask!

Ice Orb Ice Orb General offers: Orb-teal Orb-teal 
:bulletgreen: Points. :points:
:bulletgreen: Art of my characters. (I'm asking for quality over quantity. I will be extremely Picky about this.)  {You may NEVER use bases for my characters. Do your own art}
:bulletgreen: Another character (character Trade, I'm asking for quality adopts, characters with decent amount of art, or multiple characters)
:bulletgreen: Paypal {this is iffy}
:bulletgreen: I will also take a combination of the above!

Green-orb Green-orb You MAY:Limegreen-orb Limegreen-orb 
Green-orb Make small edits to design. {Add missing body parts / add body parts, etc. }
Green-orb Add any item {s} - Clothing, scarves, collars, etc.  
Green-orb Make it any gender, or no gender
Green-orb Change the breed/species. {Wolves, dogs, foxes, etc. MAKE SURE you do NOT make them into closed species if their TOS do NOT allow it! }
Green-orb May change hair style, or take away the hair altogether.
Green-orb Green-orb The makers of the Line arts  {if applicable} ALWAYS  get first pick, and may choose the price they wish to pay.
Green-orb You may use design off DA, just let me know with link in the comments, and back to my page as credit.
Green-orb You may buy it for friend, or as a gift. I will just need their username to keep track where designs are.
Green-orb Ask about art trades instead of points, or a combination of them!
Green-orb Orb-teal If you wish to use the design for a game/interactive story, that's perfectly fine! I just ask you let me know - I'd love to see it as well!
Green-orb If you no longer want it, you may return it to me. ^^ I'll make sure it gets a good home!

:DarkRed-orb: :DarkRed-orb: You may NOT: Fire-orb Fire-orb 
:DarkRed-orb: Claim design { this image} as your own
:DarkRed-orb: Upload image used to re-sell design / Sell it or use it as trade fodder!  
:DarkRed-orb: I would appreciate if you give credit the first time - I would LOVE to see the art you do of it!!
:DarkRed-orb: Steal unsold design, or sold design. (If your work is stolen with the design, let me know)

Make sure you add 'Warren' to your comments to make sure I know you read the rules.

Ultrablue Orb I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with reason. If you would like to know the reason, simply note me.  Ultrablue Orb 

Ultrablue Orb Failure to follow these rules will result in you no longer  owning the design any more. Refunds may NOT be given depending on how the event is and goes.

Ultrablue Orb If a rule is broken, I will let you know, and give you the opportunity to correct it.

Ultrablue Orb Not sure about something? Feel free to ask me!!
I'm not mean, I swear.

Ultrablue Orb By buying my designs you understand, and  agree to my terms, and understand fully of the actions that can and will be taken, if appropriate.

About the Black list:
This is reserved for people who repeatedly break the posted rules, after given notice of their actions, as well as known art / character thieves and people who purchase characters just to re-sell or trade them. I do not appreciate having my designs used as trade fodder.

My Blacklist:
I am very happy to have this empty!

Journal History


I'm super pissed right now.

If you have made an arrangement with someone to own a character, and they go off and sell it anyway (on purpose or on accident) should you have the right to ask the person to get a refund and sell it back to you, especially if you had already BEGUN your end of the trade?

I understand the owner has every right to sell a character that belongs to them, but to NOT tell you until AFTER you began posting art/payment for them seemed disrespectful.  
Once more I'd like to thank :iconfrosttheicepony: for my core!!

. . . I'll miss you, Polls. . . .
This is why I get so angry;

I do my own art for adoptables - I haven't gotten ONE offer for any of them. Never mind I  made a poll to see which of my style adopts people would like to see more of and even though people responded with more of this kind:
Dark Werewolf Adopt OPEN by Infinitum--Nihil
I have NEVER gotten an offer on any of them.

I use maker games - not only do I get offers, I also get yelled at for and I quote; 'Never doing my own thing' / 'making money only of other people's hard work.' Not to mention getting banned from a group for submitting maker adopts. (I've tried submitting my own art, but they weren't good enough for you I guess as they were denied also.)

I know adopts made by hand are more expensive - but it's the price of originality over 'factory made' creatures.

Think about it - you're paying for a one-of-a-kind animal, rather than something someone used 'randomize' in an pre-made, pre-determined engine.

Would you rather pay 5 points (that's five cents on the dollar by the way) for a creature that may not be truly 'original' or pay a little more and be sure what you're getting is truly unique?
PLUS knowing that image (after you bought it) was made ONLY for you. That is art done for you and you alone.
I tried to submit my own art into your group, but THAT got turned down, too.
I am over you. I've been over your group for a while.

You never said anything to me before about not being able to submit to your group.
And I'm 'immature' because I posted what you had on your own page in a comment?  For ONE attempt to submit a post?

I think it's YOU that need to take a chill pill, there buddy.

I've left, you've told me to 'consider myself banned', it's done.

This is in case you go back to stalk my page:


BEGONE with you. We're DONE here.
NBC's trying to cancel Grimm.
PLEASE sign the petition to save it!…
A human life is like a single letter in the alphabet .
It can be meaningless.
Or it can be part of a great meaning.
~ Jewish Theological Seminary of America
The mind is everything; what you think, you become.
~ Buddha
I've had an idea!!

For the people who continuously commission me, I'll give you your VERY OWN folder in my gallery!!
I have found a Pokémon Go! hack!!

If you need to walk more, attach your phone to a Roomba and let it go. XD
Meowth Uh Oh Jessie Head Slap Forever plz Meowth Look 
Special thank you shout out to :iconfrosttheicepony: for my 3 month core membership!!

So many cool custom things to do!! :la:
I'm half-way through a movie right now, and I only JUST realized it was in German. . . . .

(I speak German, so I didn't even think of it)
I have more important things to worry about, and better things to do with my time than worry about if my species looks kind-of-sort-of similar to 'your' character. OR if it has a name like your other character.

I had no idea you even existed. I did NOT steal your character. Stealing would imply  I  re colored it, and I did not.

I will NOT change my base designs, and I will NOT change their names.

I could  have been rude and told you to F&$@ off; they're MY species and I can make them look however I want.

Hey, guess what? Just because something looks kind-of-sort-of similar to 'your' design doesn't mean the person has stolen it from you.
It's even more ridiculous when you bitch that the characters/species' name is the same/similar to your 'completely original' name. Just search DA with your characters' name alone; I BET you'll find MANY more characters with that same exact name.

Quit bitching about it, and move on.
Hey guys!
After MANY years, Noxxus (better known as Nova) is getting a makeover!

New designs!
Semi-new pattern!

No new colors. XD

Noxxus Re make by Infinitum--Nihil


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